A praxis-based network for maximising the impact of widening participation interventions

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Designed for Widening Participation professionals

NERUPI is a partnership of over 70 higher education organisations working together to create a new approach to evaluation using the framework developed by Annette Hayton, University of Bath and Dr Andrew Bengry, Bath Spa University.

Funders, researchers, managers and practitioners are all keen to know whether activities are having an effect. But measuring impact is not straightforward, particularly in this field where context is so critical. Nevertheless it is important that interventions have clear aims related to the underlying reasons for inequalities to provide a sound basis for delivery.

The praxis-based NERUPI Framework provides this and, combined with our workshops and resources, the Network is a growing community for those seeking to reduce inequalities in higher education.

  • Clearly defined aims The NERUPI Framework sets out defined aims and outcomes which are the key to effective evaluation
  • Underpins the design of activities Combining theory and practice the Framework identifies the key elements of a WP programme or individual activity
  • Shared language Clear aims, objectives and outcomes provide a common language for WP professionals, academic staff and teachers engaged in developing and delivering activities
  • Works for all age groups With objectives and learning outcomes grouped into different levels the Framework can encompass activities for all age groups

The NERUPI framework provides a very rigorous theoretically-informed methodology for linking WP aims and objectives to impact evidence

Crawford et al 2017​OFFA

[The NERUPI Framework] has been a really useful learning experience so far and instrumental in the development of our Progression Framework

Sam BaileyMake Happen Essex NCOP

We would encourage WIN NCOP to continue to use, update and refine this framework as a working document and tool to monitor how the project evolves and keep sight of objectives

National Collaborative Outreach Project Evaluation TeamCFE Research

The NERUPI aims can be easily incorporated into HEAT, allowing quick and consistent coding of all new and historical activities

Anna AnthonyHEAT Senior Analyst

Great to be part of such a supportive community, a place where practitioners and academics come together to really try and find out 'what works' in terms of widening participation

Helen SmithNCOP Project Director York & North Yorkshire
  • 1. Design Plan a university outreach activity
  • 2. Evaluate Evaluate using NERUPI’s 5 over-arching aims
  • 3. Report Report success in a consistent and formulated way
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